Updating dreambox

Imitate the directory structure as it is on the Dreambox update server.

From the web server logs, I saw that the Dreambox tries to not access (adjust IP as needed) Now go to your box, open the main menu, extensions, "software update" or "install plugins".

The idea was to create my own mirror of the whole Dreambox package list including all packages.

However, in this case the capacitor is an obstruction of proper operation by causing such errors.

It might take some time to upload and flash the image.

You might have notice issues when upgrading to recent Dreambox firmware since last September.

What you need to flash You need the image file you want to flash.

To flash a new image, you can use the second stage loader. - Power down the Dreambox, either using "shutdown" (to enter the deep-standby mode) or by using the power-switch.

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