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On the whole, while that means 129 probably isn't an exactly accurate number, I'm willing to stand by it as a pretty damn good benchmark. And as long as we're here, le'ts take a moment to appreciate that 129 is, indeed, a lot of different women to mention in rap songs.

With the exception of "Special," which in retrospect feels like the blueprint for his later ex-girlfriend raps - "Its true, I been talking to Aleshia, Keisha and Nadia" - the entire mixtape is almost completely devoid of specific women.Murray (his former manager), but otherwise, if they were in possession of a vagina and Drake rapped/sang about his often complicated relationship to them and/or their vagina, we got it down.Frankly, it was an insane amount of work, but greatness never comes without great sacrifice, and we're determined to be great.Given that, the number of different women might likely be less than 129.At the same time though, while we listened to Drizzy songs until our brains started to leak out of our ears, there must have been some songs we missed. And given his impressively high women-to-songs ratio, that also means we must have missed some women.

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