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So how can the rest of us preserve our precious peace of mind without avoiding sex and sexual entanglement entirely? Not getting overly involved in life's messiness; remaining aloof and detached from life's passionate human drama.

This is a traditional approach to spiritual practice.

Marriage attempts to control and make sex simple: one has but one sexual partner and foresakes all others. But in practice, marriage is itself a complicated relationship, typically leading to children, in-laws, power struggles, financial conflict, etc. Might it even be possible that embracing sex, love and marriage could enhance mental and emotional stability? (See this PT post critiquing this presumed "marriage advantage.") Certainly, this was Freud's point.

This traditional arrangement simplifies matters significantly. And, in a majority of modern marriages, to disillusionment, cheating, animosity and divorce. Being single and dating is an equally complicated activity today, one which can engender significant anxiety, confusion, frustration and pain. Avoiding or repressing sexuality leads to neurosis, not mental stability. To his credit, he does not deny his own sexual impulses. We choose (or perhaps, more commonly, are compelled) to involve ourselves in romantic relationships, love and sex. Regarding romance, sex and love, Woody Allen in I thought of that old joke: This guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, 'Doc, my brother's crazy, he thinks he's a chicken.' And the doctor says, 'Well why don't you turn him in?

And one which, as we have seen in the perverse sexual escapades of supposedly celibate priests in the Catholic Church, evangelical preachers and various and sundry spiritual gurus, is dubious at best.

Meditation can help to keep us calm and centered during the of sex, love and romance when regularly practiced.

But there are alternative approaches to sex and spirituality too.

For instance, Tantric yoga uses sexuality and sexual energy to facilitate spiritual growth, and has been doing so for millennia.

Arjuna, the sensitive young prince, suddenly loses his nerve just before a great battle.

Overlooking the bloody field of battle, he is repulsed by the violence and refuses to participate in the gory, inhumane exercise of war; in which he would be fighting against and killing his own family members among many others. His chariot driver reveals himself to be Lord Krishna, and enters into conversation with the paralyzed prince, eventually convincing him that "action is better than inaction," and that we humans have no real choice but to play our parts in life to the best of our ability, do our biological and societal duty, without getting too attached to the outcome, be it joy or suffering, honor or shame, winning or losing, life or death.

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