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There were were about 15 Topless Dancers, wearing G-Strings and Stockings. There were also 25-30 Coyote Dancers, most of them slim and attractive.

I can't give it a thumbs up though, the music was way too loud and the seating way too Low.

There were three or four average girls, some of them coming from the Mabprachan area. The bar's facilities are on the ground floor only and there are no ST rooms. The idea seems to have been abandoned before it opened and all that remained was a blacked out Bad Girls sign Later in October 2017, the name Bad Girls A-Go Go reappeared, this time taking over from an Indian restaurant/bar on central Walking Street.

This new location now sprung into life on 7th November 2017.

There's still no full nudity in the Happy Group, only 2 Topless Girls in Happy but a good atmosphere.

Plenty of Silicone on show in Baccara but again no Pussy. Gold Club A-Go Go has announced that it would soon be re-opening on Soi LK Metro.

Full of Fat Coyote Dancers, No Punters, No Atmosphere and definitely no fun. They were not shy, happy to show their ample charms.

Well the other girls were doing it for them, as they often do. You can safely put Beach Club back on your visiting list.

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I was persuaded by a pretty Girl to Go into Yes A-Go Go on soi Diamond. There was something for everyone with a couple of very slim Girls and a couple with Big Bums and a couple with big Tits.

Lek A-Go Go in north Pattaya on 2nd Road has closed.

A sign on the door says that the girls have moved to the nearby Lek's Beer Bar.

Meanwhile n a single-unit shophouse on Soi Khao Noi, halfway between Mango Pub and Black Swan Bar, a new bar has opened: Nings Orange Bar.

It is a brightly lit bar with transparent windows and the walls painted in white and orange. It was located on Walking Street next door to Insomnia disco.

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