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During the Roman Empire, following military victory, Roman soldiers would often drive a spear into the ground around which the spoils of war were left, to be auctioned off.Later slaves, often captured as the "spoils of war", were auctioned in the forum under the sign of the spear, with the proceeds of sale going towards the war effort.The 22-year-old visited poverty-stricken parts of India last year to highlight the lack of healthcare provision in the country. An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder.Didius Julianus outbid everyone else for the price of 6,250 drachmas per guard, In a candle auction, the end of the auction was signaled by the expiration of a candle flame, which was intended to ensure that no one could know exactly when the auction would end and make a last-second bid.

– Public auctions are conducted in a conventional “live outcry” auction setting with an auctioneer calling bids at a specific date and time.

In a video, broadcast on the internet, Scarlett entices fans to dig deep into their wallets and help raise money for Oxfam America. And the highest bidder will get the chance to win her over with their charms after the auction, due to take place on March 12.

Scarlett, currently starring in The Other Boleyn Girl, has long be interested in charity and doing humanitarian work.

This type of auction was first mentioned in 1641 in the records of the House of Lords.

The practice rapidly became popular, and in 1660 Samuel Pepys's diary recorded two occasions when the Admiralty sold surplus ships "by an inch of candle".

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