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Back to Top Previously enrolled graduate students who fail to enroll for three or more consecutive semesters, including summer term, must reapply.As long as you are not dropping your only class for the current semester, you can drop on my LSU until the drop deadline.It usually takes 4-5 working days to process an appointment.

First, ensure that the new member has Graduate Faculty status and discuss the addition/change with your committee chair.

If applying to change to a degree in a different department, you must fill out a Change of Department form and submit it according to the instructions.

The time limit for a Master’s Degree program is five years.

The relevant dates are listed on the Graduate School calendar and the Academic Calendar. Simply email Graduate Student Services the new date.

Include the following information in your email: degree program, graduate minors (if applicable), and list of existing committee members. You can request this document via email or by visiting the lobby of W. You must have completed all degree requirements and not be enrolled in any coursework.

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