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My goal is to get it so I can treat it as a “normal” car and take it anywhere in town.Then, I’ll yank the engine out so I can paint the firewall then complete it. With a little concentration, I think I can do that in a year (he says with great hope in his voice). The difference between the Sprints and the Big Cars is that the Big Cars had transmissions like a regular car where the Sprints only have “crash boxes.” They were either in or out of gear.This guy was so methodical that even engaging in Monday Morning Quarterbacking, I can’t see a way he could have been caught. BTW – if the entire crowd had been carrying hand guns, not a single thing would have changed. Then, of course, there are the ancillary tornadoes hurricanes toss off like weeds growing around the edge of our yard.All of this got me thinking about my version of a house for all seasons and locations.When I think of places like Oklahoma, or Florida, parts of Texas and other similar places.

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I’m too compulsive and out of control to actually do that.

In fact, if he’d been sitting up there with a very slightly modified bolt action and a good scope, there would have been fewer shots fired but they would have been much more accurate. Incidentally, have you noticed how little North Korea has been talked about in the last few weeks.

But, I can think of no scenario that would totally prevent this. So, looking back over the last couple of weeks, I prefer think of Mickey and Bangers. Too much news covered them This is the third straight weekend that environmental disasters have dominated the airways and we’re barely half way through the hurricane season.

All very minor stuff like getting the generator to charge right, tune the carbs, etc.

It drives fine, but I don’t take it farther away from home than I’m willing to walk at the moment.

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    After getting our new front door, we really wanted to improve the rest of the front of our house so the front door felt more “hello, I’m here and semi fit in with this house” instead of “yo, I am crazy out of place with my fancy beveled glass and this totally ugly brown-on-brown-on-brown yucksville”.