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Since 19 July 2012, reports indicate that government and opposition forces have continued to clash both in and around the city.

Accounts of the conflict in Aleppo describe a conflict characterized by heavy fighting, widespread shelling by tanks and artillery, and numerous civilian casualties.

An image from 14 July 2014 was the most recent multi-spectral image available at the time of analysis.

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In 2013, the World Heritage Committee took the significant step of placing all six of these sites on the “List of World Heritage in Danger” maintained by UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre.These include periodic reports by UNESCO, However, no work to date has documented the extent of damage to all of Syria’s World Heritage sites using recent high-resolution satellite imagery coupled with news media, social media, and verified, on-the-ground information.This report provides an assessment of all six Syrian World Heritage sites by comparing each site prior to the current conflict to their current status, as visible in satellite imagery.Surviving remains include medieval gates, 6th century Christian structures, Roman period street plans, Ayyubid and Mamluk mosques and schools, and many Ottoman period homes and palaces.One of the most well-known cultural sites in Aleppo is the Great Mosque, which was founded in the Umayyad period and rebuilt in the 12th century with a Mamluk minaret dated to AD 1090.

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