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Leeching is considered bad etiquette on P2P clients.

Swarm – A swarm is when two or more computers are simultaneously downloading and sharing the same file.

Torrent files are part of a P2P (peer to peer) trading system that make transferring files from one person to another on the Internet very easy, quick, and effective.

It is important to note that torrent sharing is different from other types of P2P services, most notably Kazaa.

It is important to be aware of the terminology used when downloading torrent files: Torrent Client – A client is the actual P2P sharing program and it is usually an application that is downloaded and installed on the computer to be used for sharing and downloading files.

Two popular P2P clients are Azureus and UTorrent (more on these clients below).

When the torrent file is opened by the torrent software client, the client connects to the tracker that is associated with the torrent.

Torrent hosts do not host the actual files that torrents represent.

Hashlinks allow users to find specific torrents no matter which torrent host they are located on.

Hashlinks give the user the ability to learn more about the torrent such as user comments, seeds and peers, and user ratings.

Unfortunately, some users set their upload bandwidth low in order to maximize their download bandwidth and peers are less likely to have a specific piece of a torrent file because they have not finished downloading it themselves.

Hashlink – A hashlink is what identifies a specific torrent.

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