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Responses for Weekends Our store is closed on weekends and Japanese holidays.Orders received during weekends or holidays are sent out that weekend or holiday if necessary, however inquiries made may not be answered until the following business day.For the loss of the rental router, the price of the item shall be charged regardless of any reason.Insurance which will cover the repair costs in the event the rental products are damaged due to the customer's negligence is available.The classic cars will be included as part of what is described as an “even deeper career mode” with players given the chance to compete in additional invitational races in the famous machinery.“We are delighted to be re-introducing classic F1 cars back to the series” said Paul Jeal, game director at Codemasters.

* Any postbox in Japan can be used to send back rental items.

Our business hours for pickup are AM to PM (weekdays only).

You can pick up rental items at an airport but only if an order is placed online in advance. The date of withdrawal from your bank account differs dipending on credit card companies.

Our Wi-Fi rental service is the best way to have Internet access in Japan. With au KDDI routers, data transfer will be stopped. Softbank routers show the data usage on the screen. mobile and au KDDI routers, please contact us by email or phone. e.g.) YMXX, au XX, etc When is the data usage reset?

By using our Wi-Fi rental service, you will enjoy a more efficient stay. The data transfer speed will recover the following month. Data usage is reset on the first day of every month.

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