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Today, you can begin your Shabbat on Friday evening by lighting the candles and saying a blessing.

You can buy candles that are marked "Shabbat candles" in many supermarkets, though if you can't find them, other plain candles will work.

Lovingly you have favored us with the gift of your holy Shabbat as our inheritance, a reminder of creation, first among the sacred days, recalling our liberation from Egypt.

You have chosen us and given us a holy purpose from among all the peoples, In loving favor, you have given us your holy Shabbat as a heritage. After the Kiddush, the next blessing is over the bread.

Many Jews grow up drinking a very sweet sacramental wine for Kiddush.

Some people like this wine, either because they like sweet things or because it makes them nostalgic. Kosher wine makers are doing their best to improve the quality and variety of kosher wines, so that people who only make Kiddush on kosher wine can choose a dry wine if they like.

It's often called Ha-Motzi, which means "who brings forth" because it's a blessing on God bringing forth bread from the earth.

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If you don't feel comfortable saying the blessing in Hebrew, you can recite an English translation of all or part of it.Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, for on it God rested from all the works of creation.Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, borei pe-ri ha-gafen.Since we let them burn down and don't usually move them or blow them out, make sure you find a good fire-safe spot.One lights the candles first because saying the blessing is what brings in Shabbat.

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