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But Dr Phillip Mc Garry from the Royal College of Psychiatrists said: "People are born with sexual preference - that is a fact of life."Treatments that purport to change someone's sexuality can be harmful and there is no evidence that they can be successful."Last night a spokesman for NIAMH said: "The Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health is committed to improving the mental health and well being of every citizen in Northern Ireland and does not support discrimination or prejudice based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.A devout Christian dentist murdered his wife and his lover's policeman husband in a 'devious' and 'professional' manner, a court heard yesterday.Many singles join us including Polish members so you’re sure to have a great time mingling in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.Socials in the past have included casino nights, pop-up painting, and photography courses.And if you need some dating inspiration, take a look at our articles covering everything from our favourite Polish restaurants in the UK to our top 3 Polish celebrities who we’d love to date.We’ve even put together our favourite Polish recipes so you can show-off in the kitchen and whip up your very own Polish feast.

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Howell, 51, first killed his wife Lesley and later Constable Buchanan at their homes in Coleraine, County Londonderry, in May 1991 when he attached part of a baby's feeding bottle to a garden hose to poison them with carbon monoxide fumes as they slept.Speaking to the News Letter, Dr Miller said he had started his work trying to help homosexuals become heterosexual after a patient struggling with his sexuality committed suicide."One of the things that kept coming up was people who had a conflict between their religious identity and their sexual identity," he said."They were being told 'you are gay and you need to embrace that' but they were not happy with that and I had a very sad case of a man – who I was treating for something else, who took his own life."I don't want to be in a position again where I lose someone because they have been told something that is factually inaccurate, change is extremely difficult but it is not impossible."A lot of the research has never been disproven but it has become politically unacceptable to talk about it."Dr Miller works both at the Mater Hospital, where he specialises in working with Alzheimer's patients, and in private practice where he specialises in working with trauma patients."I've been more focused on taking (sexual reorientation) cases on in the past two years," he said."Before, if it came up as an issue I'd have worked with people on it.?Asked how he went about changing a gay person's sexuality, Dr Miller said: "The sexual behaviour stems out of a person's past, sexuality is complex and involves an interaction between genetics and the environmental background."I don't just work to change behaviour."What I do is I take a detailed history and I look at key relationships and their past and that would be relationships with mother and father and with peers, both same-sex and opposite sex peers."What I'm seeking to do is to help the person think as clearly as possible so that they can make as informed a decision as possible.Howell attached a hose to the exhaust of his Renault Savanna using a baby's bottle he'd cut in in half and then ran the hose through the victims' houses to gas them.Dentist and lay preacher Howell then drove the pair six miles to the property where they were found, leaving the victims in the car with the door ajar to give the impression that Mr Buchanan had decided against killing himself but was too late.

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