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We celebrated all weekend and continued to soak up all the love and support we've received!

Tony and I love to travel and have been on several vacations together.

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Would you be the quiet girl who hated parties, and would rather be studying or shoving her nose into a novel, or would you be that die hard partier who only woke up to get high and drunk at the party that night? It is a lot of other things, but mainly it is that.

Would you be the sensative cautious girl who didn't talk to many boys, who was really awkward but had an amazing personality, or would you be that annoying loud girl who was open with everyone and was contantly the class slut? However, Sayaka forgot to get her a birthday present! Probably some pretty stupid things, if my experience with Madoka in Mexico and My Big Fat Madoka Wedding hold true.

We both attended a birthday party at the home of our mutual friends, Jenna and Sam Smalley. Tony had suggested Little Tap House in Portland, Maine. We quickly changed gears and went to Yosaku for sushi. We began living together in the Fall 2015, and bought our first home in the Spring of 2016. Tony taught me how to play cribbage within the first year of dating. A fierce rivalry developed after we started keeping track of our score on the back of the board. On Thursday April 6, 2017, I came home from work around pm. I completely overlooked the block lettering and continued to set the board up.Matt, on the other hand, prefers to think that it’s Lindsay Lohan’s fault for putting them in a situation that they’re making the best out of.What if you had the chance to go to college with Five Seconds of Summer?A few weeks after meeting, I messaged Tony on Facebook. Tony had cleaned the house and had made a charcuterie board. Tony turned the cribbage board back over, so I could read it and got down on one knee. We learned earlier that day, it was "Bring Your Own Baby" night at the restaurant. I flipped the board over to retrieve the pegs and Tony had written "MARRY ME" on the back of the cribbage board in bold letters.

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