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She is so disgusted that she kicks him out and calls in the next guy.

He impresses her more with his size and toned physique but when she spreads her legs and shows off her stockings he too spunks all over the floor as she watches approvingly!

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The Great Gilly's latest magic trick is to saw a man in half.

As he strips off the girls in the audience giggle especially when they see his big penis.

Gilly saws him in half and they are all impressed - other than Karina who doesn't think the bottom half is real.

Gilly invites her up to grope the naked lower half's cock and Karina soon forgets why she is there as she wanks the cock to an erection.

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They wank him until he cums all over himself but Tony is defiant. " he says - so the girls decide to empty his balls again.She picks Kai out of the audience and tells him to strip off.He is very reluctant but she says the magic doesn't work through clothing.Kimmy teases him about it and then orders him to drop his pants and show her his cock.He reluctantly does so and her eyes nearly pop out of her head when she sees his massive erection.

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